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Allspice - whole grains

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Are you looking for something special for your next meal with friends? Try a special, somewhat forgotten spice. It is currently not used that often in our kitchen. In our opinion it is a little misunderstood in the modern kitchen.

The best-known allspice is also known as Jamaica pepper. The coarse but aromatic grains are very similar to those of pepper. They have a very special flavor. The hard grains come from the allspice tree and grow, for example, in Cuba and in more Caribbean regions. The allspice trees have white umbels on which our pepper fruits first ripen green.

Our dried spice globules are smooth, quite tough and an earthy brown. The dried whole allspice grains definitely have a stately size and also make a visual impact on your spice selection.

If you let them roll into your hand with a slight click, they immediately spread their intense flavor. The cause of this aroma lies in the essential oils that the peppercorn contains. The mild clove scent of the balls contains a clear, peppery note and is skillfully rounded off with a spicy touch. In Swedish it is called “kryddpeppar”, a clear reference to the herbal note, which pleasantly envelops the base note of pepper. It underlines various dishes with its sweetish tart tendency.

Its hot, burning note goes well with meat stews, lamb ragouts, but also game. It is particularly popular with your marinades for grilling with its seasoning. If you dare and sausage your grilled food yourself, you definitely need our allspice. Are you even a professional in pickling modern mixed pickles and everything that grows in your garden? Then our whole allspice grain with its special aura gives you a skilful kick in the disposable glass.
You will hardly believe it, but our allspice also makes its mark in the confectionery sector. Nutmeg and cinnamon aromas ensure that it can also give your plum compote that special note. Last but not least, it supports the aroma of many Christmas biscuits! So you will definitely use it more often. Some dishes in your kitchen benefit from its warm, spicy aroma.

Would you like a few more tips on how to use it? Then let me tell you that the allspice is best used freshly ground like a nutmeg. It's worth buying whole grains, they keep their aroma for a long time. If they are freshly grated, they create a fresh and more intense taste in your food. Why not use a pepper mill to grind the allspice grains? Incidentally, the oil of the allspice grains is often added to schnapps and liqueurs. If you're a pro here too, it might be your new secret ingredient.

Do you want the ultimate sauce for your next friend's meal? This works with spices such as allspice in the vegetarian or vegan variant! You just add a few grains of allspice to your usual root vegetables and sear everything. Then you add broth, vegetable stock. Broth from a roast can of course also be used in non-vegan kitchens. The allspice grains should simmer during the entire cooking process and reducing the sauce.
Then strain the liquid for a clear sauce and put it back in the hot pan. The reduction of your sauce brings the intense taste. Use a little white wine vinegar, salt, and a touch of honey to taste. Season with freshly grated allspice from your pepper mill if necessary.

In England, our sauce and kitchen spices are also called “allspice”, a clear indication that you will probably use it more often from now on.
Do you want a balsamic taste that clings to your food like spicy herbs? Treat your spice rack to our allspice.

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