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Voatsiperifery - Black jungle pepper

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Voatsiperifery pepper: wild, exotic pepper for discerning palates

The colorful and exciting world of spices consists of a lot more than salt and pepper, but how great the variety is in salt and pepper alone is by no means known to everyone. In addition to popular and proven varieties, there are some exclusive rarities to discover. An example of this is the Voatsiperifery pepper, which is just as unique as its name. In the tropical rainforest of Madagascar, the pepper with the unusual name grows, but it is also known under the names Urwaldpeffer, Madagascarpfeffer and Piper Borbonese. The exclusive pepper rarity comes across as spicy in a distinctive way and promises extraordinary luscious delights.

Why is the jungle pepper a rarity?

The Voatsiperifery pepper grows wild on the tsiperifery tree in the jungle in southeast Madagascar. The jungle pepper cannot yet be cultivated and can only be found in its original habitat. It is only the young shoots that are 10 to 20 meters above the ground that bear fruit. This makes harvesting a challenge even for skilled climbers. The berries are ripe harvested by hand, then carefully selected and dried. Voatsiperifery Pepper is a real rarity, because the total harvest yield is low and only amounts to one and a half to two tons per year. This also explains why the Madagascar pepper is still relatively unknown. Because of the heat and the distinctive aroma, careful dosing is advisable.

The pepper from the jungle

Lots of flavor in the small peppercorn

From a purely visual point of view, there is a similarity to cubeb pepper. As with this one, the Voatsiperifery berries also have a characteristic stem approach, but are significantly smaller and yet by no means less aromatic.
The exotic Madagascar pepper is hot and aromatic at the same time, but never bitingly hot. The characteristic sharpness is accompanied by a warm note and a hint of woody nuances with a hint of vanilla and tobacco. The pepper is superficially hot and is rounded off in a pleasant way by a slightly citrus aroma. The variety of different flavors that make the jungle pepper unmistakable is unique.

Voatsiperifery, the noble pepper for the kitchen

Dishes often only get the finishing touches through the interplay with aromas that refine the taste, emphasize it or add a completely unexpected taste nuance. Voatsiperifery pepper goes wonderfully with its distinctive flavors with lamb, game, steak, dark sauces and poultry. The combination of aromatic heat and lemony-fruity note also comes into its own in fish dishes. Pickled vegetables get a particularly aromatic note with Madagascar pepper and the wild pepper also cuts a good figure in curry dishes. If you like the combination of sweet and hot, you will probably enjoy experimenting with Voatsiperifery pepper and creating completely new, delicious desserts in terms of taste.

The pepper from the jungle unfolds its multi-layered aromas best freshly ground from the pepper mill or crushed with a mortar directly before use.

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  • Voatsiperifery - Black jungle pepper

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