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Timut - Szechuan pepper

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With our Timut pepper you can bring a particularly rare type of pepper to your home. The exotic Timut pepper has other names such as Nepalese Szechuan pepper and grapefruit pepper for a reason. On the one hand, the plant genus Zanthoxylum, from which the Timut pepper is extracted, is native to Nepal. On the other hand, the berries of this plant exude the tasty aromas of lemons and grapefruits. This pepper rarity takes you on an adventurous and culinary journey into the Nepalese mountain ranges.

Precious berries from the Himalayan mountain ranges.

The rare Timut pepper is a close relative of the Chinese Szechuan pepper. The precious spice consists of the berries of a wild rhombus plant that grows in the Nepalese mountains. From a botanical point of view, this pepper specialty belongs to the citrus plants and not, as is so often assumed, to the pepper plants from which real pepper is obtained.

The diamond plant thrives at heights of around 2500 meters. Local pickers comb the slopes of the mountain ranges on foot to pick the ripe berries from the thorny bushes themselves. Further processing is also time-consuming. Because now unwanted plant residues are removed from the harvested berries. The natural pepper berries then dry in the sun for a few weeks. The bitter seed balls are then removed from the berry husks by hand. Because only the handpicked, dried peel of the berries is called Timut pepper.

This exotic pepper variety has been used for ages in both rural and upscale Asian cuisine. Until a few years ago, however, Timut pepper could not be obtained outside of Asia. By purchasing this pepper specialty, you can also add a touch of luxury to your kitchen.

Timut pepper: wild pepper with a fruity heat

In this internationally valued spice, the fruity, citrus-like and woody aromas are combined with a medium-hot fire in perfect harmony. You experience a new dimension of taste, as the pepper leaves a slightly numb feeling in your mouth after its consumption. The spice literally tingles your palate.

Asian rice and noodle dishes, curries, grilled fish or sautéed wok vegetables get an exciting, spicy taste with this extravagant pepper variety. White meat and seafood can also be tastefully refined with the exotic Timut pepper. Chutneys, fresh fruit such as strawberries and pineapples, desserts with dark chocolate and cakes also benefit from the fruity variety of flavors of this pepper.

Try this spice with a simple egg dish or omelette! The tasty result will surely surprise you.

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