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Tellicherry - black pepper

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Occurrence, growth and taste

The Tellicherry pepper is considered a very noble variety, which comes from the Malarbar coast in India. It is also known as the Pepper Coast. On a nearly 650 km long coastal strip there is an ideal climate for pepper and many other spices. The tropical warm air ensures rapid and even growth. The special thing about Tellicherry pepper is the long ripening time. The black pepper berries are harvested by hand. Only after the berries have fully ripened are they stored to dry and have a golden brown color at the end. The aroma is special. The sharpness meets a full-bodied note. The scent is impressive because the Tellicherry pepper smells very intense. The nutty nuances are also clearly visible. Tellicherry pepper is a popular spice, especially in top kitchens, as it has a much more intense taste than ordinary black pepper. Already during the harvest, care is taken that nothing is lost of the uniqueness of the pepper. That is why only the largest pepper berries are processed.

Cooking with Tellicherry pepper

The Tellicherry pepper is simply a type of pepper. So it can also be used as usual to season meat and fish or other ingredients. At the same time, this type of pepper brings a completely different flavor to the food. The combination of floral notes and a slight spiciness goes well with many dishes. Ideally, a seasoning from the Tellicherry pepper and juniper berries is ideal to conjure up various game dishes. The sweetness of the meat, together with the pepper, results in a very special taste explosion. The Tellicherry pepper is also suitable for desserts with fruits such as strawberries or mandarins due to its extraordinary flavor. A small pinch of the ground pepper is enough for this. The spice also goes well with many sauces and gives dishes the right pep. The Tellicherry pepper can be added to the dishes as whole berries or ground. The pepper can either be ground in the grinder or with a mortar. The pepper mixes so well with the ingredients. However, if the pepper berries are added whole, they should not be served. The Tellicherry pepper is suitable for everyone who likes to eat aromatic dishes. Due to its special composition, the Tellicherry pepper is less spicy overall.

The Tellicherry pepper is versatile, as it not only gives hearty dishes the right flavor, but can also be used with desserts. The pepper from India is not easy to buy in the supermarket, however. You can order Tellicherry pepper from us, along with many other spices, directly online and have it delivered to your home. The pepper is available both ground and whole pepper berries. Try it out and season your dishes with the exclusive pepper from the Malabar coast.

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  • Tellicherrry - black pepper

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    nice nutty smell

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