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Sel de Alpes Swiss alpine salt

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You can enjoy the spicy mountain salt specialties from the Swiss Alps in your own four walls or give them away to your friends. With this salt you get the fresh and pure taste of the Swiss mountain peaks in your spice rack. 

The white gold of Switzerland: Sel des Alpes

The last active Swiss salt mine with its salt mines is located in the municipality of Bex in the canton of Vaud. The popular white gold has been mined in its underground network for over three centuries in order to process it into spices or road salt. The white salt of the Swiss Alps still has its incomparable fine grain size today

Legend has it that the mine was found in the 15th century by a goatherd when he wanted to find out why his animals were so drawn to the salty water of a narrow mountain stream. Since then, the source has developed into a huge underground salt mine with an impressive labyrinth of winding paths.

Sel des Alpes: diversity

The different salt characters of Sel des Alpes invite you with their fragrant aromas to your kitchen. You have the choice between a fine-grain table salt with or without iodine and fluoride, fine-grain organic herbal salt with oriental, aromatic, hot or mild herbal additions and a coarse-grain gourmet salt to which nothing is added.

With these salt specialties you determine the salty flavor journey of your food.

✔ Pure natural products

✔ Bottled in Switzerland

✔ Mixed in Switzerland

✔ 100% gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan

✔ Without flavor enhancers

✔ Without preservatives

✔ Free from trickling aids

✔ fast delivery

✔ Fresh aroma

✔ Sustainable containers

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Rita Rüggli -

    The salt has a really special taste! - Thanks for the fast delivery.

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