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Savory (lat.Satureja hortensis) is also known as wine, pepper, eel herb or josefle.
The savory tastes hot, peppery and also burning. Its smell, however, is pleasantly aromatic and also spicy. The herb is the main component of the Bulgarian spice chubritza. This includes other herbs and spices such as celery, lovage, fenugreek, and salt. There are many varieties of savory, dried or freshly rubbed and also ground. Savory goes well with almost all types of beans. It spices up dishes with legumes, meat and potato dishes and salads as well as tomato dishes. The herb is also often used in lamb, pork, ragouts and rabbit and fish. Pickled cucumbers and pickled vegetables are also very popular with savory. In medicine, the savory is also used against flatulence. It also has an anticonvulsant and appetite-stimulating effect.

Savory, which contains essential oil, vitamin C and tannins, is used almost exclusively to flavor the bean vegetables. It also spices up many other dishes perfectly. This includes lenses. Peas and various stews made from legumes, which are also considerably more digestible with this herb. For this purpose, dried or fresh twigs are cooked with the preparation of the dishes. Savory is particularly seasoning, which is why the cabbage should only be added to a dish and removed before serving. The peppery-hot and at the same time fresh aroma is also very noticeable with cooked lamb.

✔ Pure natural products

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✔ 100% gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan

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✔ Sustainable containers

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    Klaus Fehling -

    the savory has a great taste, your products are really great!

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