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Rosemary - cut

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Welcome to our Mediterranean spice selection. Our rosemary is a really wonderful spice. It smells of forest, very spicy and slightly resinous. The small, evergreen shrub's dark green, fir-like leaves do best in full sun. This is where the rosemary can best express its intensive essential oils. It contains 3 % of these oils. It brings a slight hint of citrus flavors to your dishes.

A good tip in advance: you should either cook fresh rosemary on the branch in the dish and remove it after the cooking process or cut it very finely. The woody parts of the plant will otherwise be a negative to your guests. Because rosemary is not a coniferous plant. But its very narrow and slightly curled leaves look like needles. So it is something very special among the spices. It can also be needle-like when dried, in which case it is of course advisable to grind the herb into small pieces or at least grate it between the palms of the hands. This creates a wonderful scent in your kitchen.

Your guests are sure to notice the scent of vacation and the Mediterranean. But at the latest when you enjoy your food, one or the other will ask what the secret ingredient in your gratin is.
Why a gratin? Rosemary goes well with potatoes and gives you just the right kick of freshness. Crispy baked rosemary potatoes are also a hit.
With the piquant taste, you can also season rabbits, pork or poultry, for example, extremely tasty. In autumn, your mushroom dishes in particular are refined with taste.

Use the needle-like spice sparingly at first. Once you have turned your stews into Italian Mediterranean delicacies with our rosemary, you will want to taste them again.

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  • Rosemary - cut

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