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White pepper - ground

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White pepper - the perfect spice for light dishes from the ground up

In the production of white pepper, fully ripe pepper berries are used without exception. What is special at the same time is that the manufacturers completely remove the skin and the pulp. You only process the dried core. For this reason, the pepper aroma that everyone knows from black pepper is lost. Regardless of this, the sharpness is fully retained.

Ground white pepper goes well with light dishes such as creamy mushroom dishes and velvety sauces. Black pepper creates color accents that are not welcome in these dishes. Furthermore, a juicy pinch of white pepper, vegetables, frikassees, poultry, veal and fish gives the heavenly spicy kick. It goes well with rabbit, egg dishes, cauliflower and salad dressings. It is important to note that the food to be prepared is only seasoned just before serving. It prevents the aroma from being destroyed.

In French cuisine, white pepper is traditionally used as a spice mixture quatre-épices (four spices). In addition to the basic element of white pepper, it contains cloves, ginger and nutmeg. Thanks to this spice preparation, sausages, pies, game dishes, pickled vegetables (onions, pumpkin) and gingerbread reach the tables of paying guests perfectly seasoned.

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  • Ground white pepper

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