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Pepper colored - whole grains

100g / 250g (NFB) / 500g (NFB) / 1000g (NFB) * NFB = refill bag

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In the classic kitchen, colorfully mixed peppercorns are used deliberately according to their taste intensity. True master creations in seasoning are not only reserved for meat and fish these days, but have also been spreading their aroma in the world of desserts for some time. Peppercorns not only differ by name, they have other components within their spiciness that can round off dishes ingeniously.

The green pepper with its mild fruity aroma is harvested and dried before it is ripe, after which the natural green color is retained. White pepper is no longer visible after sprinkling it on, but its spiciness spices up the food without changing its taste. The white pepper fruit is dried as a whole grain. If an intensely spicy note is desired, black pepper is one of the all-rounders in a well-dosed variety of flavors. The classic is still harvested green and gets its black color through a lengthy drying process. Pink pepper has a slightly sweet note, has a piquant taste and is only slightly hot. The pink berries do not belong to the pepper family, but are used as a pepper spice because of their pleasant flavor.

It is above all this mixture of fruitiness and spiciness that makes whole colored peppercorns so popular and ensures the ultimate taste experience on the plate. 

✔ Pure natural products

✔ Bottled in Switzerland

✔ Mixed in Switzerland

✔ 100% gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan

✔ Without flavor enhancers

✔ Without preservatives

✔ Free from trickling aids

✔ fast delivery

✔ Fresh aroma

✔ Sustainable containers

  • Whole colored peppercorns

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