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Black pepper - ground

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Not only is it the most widely used pepper in the world, it is even bottled directly by hand in Switzerland, it has a great diversity of species. The pepper bush is a climbing plant and forms tendrils up to a length of fifteen meters. After about three years, the pepper fruit can be harvested from the drooping fruit branches. 


Typical growing areas for pepper are:

- India
- Vietnam
- Thailand
- China
- Malaysia

The berry fruits of the pepper bush are harvested green and dried in the sun. After a week the pepper fruit turns black and takes on its typical wrinkled shape. With the beginning of international trade in the 17th century, pepper came to Europe and for a long time had a higher commercial value than gold.


When the black peppercorns are crushed, the fruit develops a fruity, fresh note and is described as woody and earthy in taste. The aroma is determined by the essential oil contained in the pepper fruit. The alkaloid piperine is responsible for the sharpness of black pepper.


Whether in the ground state or as a whole grain, black pepper is almost unrestricted in its use in food and drinks. Almost all savory and sweet preparations can tolerate the aroma of black pepper. The pepper oil obtained from black pepper is now used in other areas of application aside from food preparation.

The black pepper is freshly ground at 7peppas, so we can guarantee the best and freshest quality.

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  • Ground black pepper

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