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Original Hawaii Salt Black Lava


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With our black Hawaiian salt you bring a traditional Hawaiian gem into your home. Because table salt has a profound meaning for the Hawaiians: Salt stands for nature and life.

Original Hawaii salt: the ground-based Black Lava table salt

A total of four different types of table salt are produced in Hawaii and exported abroad: Black Hawaiian salt, White Hawaiian salt, Green Hawaiian salt and Red Hawaiian salt. Selected additives are added to each salt. Because when producing their salt, the islanders pay great attention to its effects on the human organism. The Hawaiians clearly attach more importance to this kitchen spice than some Europeans.

The table salt from Hawaii gets its unmistakable dark color by adding pure activated carbon to it. The islanders get the activated carbon from coconuts. For the Hawaiians, their black salt is essential for their own inner balance. It illustrates their connection to the earth.

Black Hawaiian salt: the Black Pearl for your kitchen

This exotic table salt ensnares you with its soft, nutty and earthy aroma mix. You can sprinkle any kind of fried meat and fish with it, as well as grilled vegetables, potatoes or homemade soups. Its possible uses are therefore very similar to that of sea salt.

Due to its moisture, you should not use the salt in a spice grinder, as it can dry out very quickly on the one hand and block the grinder on the other. Ideally, you only season your food with this slightly antitoxic salt immediately after it has been prepared. In this way you can bring its decorative effect to the fore.

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  • Original Hawaii Salt Black Lava

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