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The aromatic, sweet and spicy nutmeg is a very special nut because it is made
not consumed whole like other varieties, but grated added to the food.
A pinch of the powder is enough for mashed potatoes or boiled cauliflower. If you
but if you buy all of our nuts, a unique spice classic is waiting for you. We
deliver you six nutmegs in a cork glass. So you can use vegetable and
Meat dishes with a pinch of freshly grated nuts, an aromatic, spicy note
to lend.

Did you know that nutmeg is not the fruit of the nutmeg tree
but about the seed that the fruit of the tree contains? The Latin word
"Nux muscate" stands for "nut that smells pleasantly of musk". This name became
Also not forgiven without reason, because the nut is for its light, musky-like
Fragrance famous. The nut has its origins in the Moluccas. Today she will be in several
Countries in Africa, South America and Asia.

So that they retain their full flavor, you should always only eat nutmegs shortly before
Use rub. If they are freshly ground, you can refine many dishes with yours
aromatic taste of fiery sharpness combined with a hint of bitterness.
Vegetables such as cauliflower, kohlrabi, savoy cabbage and leek, but also rice dishes, are light
Sauces and meat broths give the noble nuts the right touch. use
they can also be found in veal dishes, poultry and fish. One is enough for stews too
small pinch of the grated nut to give them a round, intense taste.

Nutmeg is a typical spice for Christmas biscuits alongside cinnamon
Christmas places. A small pinch of grated powder gives the cookie dough its feel
classic aroma.
Whether omelette or fried egg: If you have egg dishes with a little nutmeg powder
you can give your egg dish a very special touch.

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  • Nutmeg whole

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