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Marjoram - rubbed

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Marjoram is one of the most popular and well-known culinary herbs and is mostly used for stews and hearty dishes because of its strong taste. Marjoram is closely related to oregano and, like it, is considered a medicinal and aromatic herb. Due to its undemanding shape, this herb is often grown in many gardens and also on the balcony.

The Majroan originally comes from the Mediterranean areas, from which it spread through to Europe until the Middle Ages. Here, as it is today, marjoram was a popular medicinal herb and herb. Nowadays this plant is grown in many countries around the world, including Germany. In Aschersleben in Saxony-Anhalt, for example, the largest growing area in Europe is currently cultivated.
Marjoram is a perennial plant that can usually reach heights between 50 and 90 centimeters. The original wild form of marjoram is conditionally frost-tolerant, which is why winter-hardy varieties of the spice have been cultivated over time. The light brown roots are bushy and anchored flat in the ground.

This plant forms aromatic, fragrant leaves that are somewhat sticky due to the aromatic oils and the hairy leaves. The leaves of marjoram are partly heart-shaped, elliptical and full-edged in shape and are located on the mostly strongly branched stems. The stems are almost square, brownish to red and also hairy.
If there is a herb spiral on the plant, marjoram can also be planted as a partner together with other Mediterranean herbs. This herb should be placed in the warmest and driest place that the actual conditions can be mimicked as closely as possible.

Marjoram is mainly used in hearty dishes and because of its strong taste. The dried leaves are mostly used by the plant.

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  • Marjoram - rubbed

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