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Black Malabar - Tiger Pepper

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The Malabar Coast, located in southwest India, is commonly known as the cradle of pepper or also as the pepper coast. Malabar pepper, named after this coast, also comes from here. In the densely forested hinterland of the coastal region, in the state of Kerala, wild animals such as tigers can still be found. The pepper, which is therefore also known as tiger pepper, is grown here.

Because of its intense aroma with a subtle spiciness and the slightly fruity, oriental-looking component, the Malabar pepper is very popular with gourmets. Tiger pepper is a real all-rounder in the kitchen. It goes wonderfully with meat and fish dishes, but also gives soy and tofu the desired flavor. Soups, sauces and stews benefit from the intense aroma and desserts get that certain something with a pinch of Malabar pepper.

Malabar pepper is picked by hand, green and still unripe, as soon as the fruits show the first signs of color change to red. The intense aroma of the peppercorns is retained through careful harvesting and careful drying and natural fermentation in sunlight. Due to the drying and the fermentation process, the grains acquire their characteristic dark color with a slight green tinge. The crop yields are relatively low and the quality is excellent. Malabar pepper is a rarity for a variety of uses in the kitchen.

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  • Black Malabar - Tiger Pepper

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