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Lovage - rubbed

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With our spicy lovage leaves you can enrich your spice assortment with an intense, fragrant herb full of flavor. This pays off especially if you are a fan of hearty dishes or traditional home cooking.

Lovage leaves: the spice with the strong aroma

The umbelliferous lovage is a popular and prominent herb throughout Europe. Almost every European country knows this herb under its own popular name such as Liebstock, Lavas, Nussstock, Badkraut or Liebrohr. The herb got its name Maggi because of its intense flavor. However, this has little to do with the well-known sauce, because lovage does not appear in it. Lovage leaves are similar to the leaves of the closely related celery, but their characteristic smell is stronger. The umbelliferae are almost unmistakable thanks to its sweet and slightly bitter scent.

This umbelliferae probably comes from the Near East or Persia. There is no clear evidence of this. However, lovage was mentioned in several old herbal books. The spice was recorded in writing in the "Materia Medica" as early as the 1st century.

A herb for hearty home cooking

Give your hearty meat and fish dishes, stews, soups or mushroom dishes a unique and strong taste with the spicy Liebstockrebel. In the case of warm dishes, the addition at the end of the cooking process is sufficient as the lovage's own taste is anything but reserved.

A small pinch of these stripped lovage leaves is enough to transform, for example, a herb butter, a delicious curd cheese or sour cream dip into a culinary delicacy. Maggikraut can also be used excellently as a bread and biscuit spice.

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  • Lovage - rubbed

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