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Long pepper - stick pepper

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Product description- Long pepper
Black long pepper - Piper longum

Our delicate long pepper will become the special spice in your kitchen. It is also known as stick pepper because of its exotic shape. In Latin it is called Piper longum. It is the original form of pepper and for many today it is really very unusual. This will make your food stand out young and fresh, because it is rare and really not that well known. Treat yourself to an intense and original taste with 7peppas pepper.

The plant from which the long pepper is still harvested today is slightly reminiscent of the flower of a calla with a red pistil. After it has ripened black, it is harvested as pepper. It looks long and smooth like a small, elongated pine cone. The individual peppercorns hang like a panicle on a stalk that is perhaps three centimeters long.

Piper longum smells uniquely spicy and of course hot because of the ingredient piperine. But also a little bit tart with an almost woody note. A mystical touch for your menus and in your selection of spices. The warm smell makes you feel good and reminds you of going to the sauna.
You are guaranteed full taste with 7peppas peppers. Long pepper contains 6 % more piperine than normal pepper. Nevertheless, it only has a slightly increasing, exotic, aromatic spiciness.

In terms of taste, our long pepper goes unusually well with chocolate and also perfectly - yes, you heard me right - with ice cream. Just do it! Your dessert will be supported by its complexity, fine cardamom flavors and the light sweetness. It creates a slight freshness in dessert, which works wonderfully with dairy products and fats e.g. B. harmonizes in cream. Experiment with the flavors. Boldly create new desserts and dishes - your nouvelle cuisine.

A few concrete superhacks for you now come to the end. Grated or ground, you tease most of the aromas out of our pole pepper. Simply use a pepper mill or your mortar. You should put the sticks in the mill, already a little bit chopped. You can use it whole with a nutmeg grater.

Salt and pepper are the most common spices used in cooking. You can still surprise your guests with our pepper. Spread individual long peppers on the table as well. Just wait for the astonished looks of your guests. Some of your friends will surely ask what kind of spice it is. You can't go wrong with black long pepper. With it you are sure to order one of the special products from 7peppa's selection of spices. Whistle something new in your kitchen with our Piper longum.

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