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Cubebs - whole peppercorns

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Cubeb pepper is an almost forgotten spice. Which is a shame, because the pepper berries taste very good and impress with their extraordinary aroma. Cubeb pepper from Indonesia gives every exotic dish a special touch and convinces with its fresh, characterful taste.

Cubeb pepper: the mild pepper from Asia

Cubeb pepper stands out simply because of its unusual appearance. The main growing area is in Malaysia and Indonesia, where it can still be found in every kitchen today. The small, spherical fruits of the shrub, which is several meters tall, have a small stalk at the lower end, which remains on the berries even after the harvest. That is why it is also known as stem or tail pepper. After drying, the green pepper berries get their typical dark brown to black color. Cubeb pepper only contains about 0.4 % of the hot piperine, which makes it significantly milder compared to real pepper.

Exotic taste with aromatic spice

The aroma of cubeb pepper cannot be compared with ordinary pepper varieties. It has a bitter, mild taste that is somewhat reminiscent of eucalyptus. Cubeb pepper contains little piperine, but all the more cuberine. Thanks to the Cuberin, the unique taste experience unfolds. At first a slightly peppery spiciness develops, which turns into a bitter note and finally develops into a slightly tingling, fresh taste. After cooking, a mild aroma and an allspice-like taste unfold throughout the dish. Cubeb pepper has a very dominant taste, which is why it is often used in combination with other spices. It is used in curry mixes in India as well as in the traditional, popular spice mix Ras el-Hanout in Morocco. It goes well with bay leaves, cloves, mint, other types of pepper, thyme, cardamom, lemon, turmeric, ginger, allspice or cinnamon. In general, the spice is particularly suitable for hearty stews, such as lamb stew. With its mild, peppery spiciness, the cubeb pepper also turns fish and seafood or rice dishes into a culinary poem.

Forgotten herb and medicinal plant

For centuries the herb, which has almost been forgotten in Europe, has also been known as a medicinal plant. Hildegard von Bingen (11th / 12th century) already valued the cubeb pepper and said after it that its enjoyment "... leads to a happy spirit, a keen mind and pure knowledge". Finally brought out of oblivion, the stem pepper was named medicinal plant of the year in 2016. The pepper berries are said to have anti-inflammatory effects and are recommended as home remedies for headaches and respiratory diseases. It is true that cubeb pepper was almost replaced by black pepper in Europe in the 17th century. It has been enjoying greater popularity among connoisseurs for a number of years and is considered an exotic insider tip. So why not try something new?

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  • Cubebs - whole peppercorns

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