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Juniper berries

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Have you ever put our juniper berries in your meal for family or friends,
will you use it again ... guaranteed. The actually blue berries unfold when dried
a dark, gentle scent. They smell aromatic, deeply of forest.

The dark berries easily transfer their flavor and a bit of umami into your food! You
never heard of this fifth flavor? Well, she can
can be described as tasty and spicy. Add our juniper to the roast
and make tasty sauces from the brew. A touch of umami leaves you
soon reach into your spice rack again.

Our dried berries have a very special note, they taste sweet and
have a fine, slightly bitter aroma. They also fit with this flavor combination
perfect with game dishes. A real insider tip for everyone who likes the standard spices salt and
Tired of pepper. Our marinades also get a particularly hearty note

Juniper bushes grow in our latitudes. They are coniferous shrubs similar to cypresses.
Perhaps, without knowing it, you probably already have juniper bushes in nature or
seen while hiking. In Sweden, for example, the bushes are widespread.
Nevertheless, we recommend that you buy our processed berries. There is a danger
the confusion with the fruits of the Sade tree. Its berries are strong
toxic. The heather juniper is mostly found in our native regions.

As a special tip for lovers of homemade things. You can get gin or you can
Easily make juniper schnapps yourself. There are many recipes online. The
Basic ingredients, however, are often, 70 percent alcohol, brown rock sugar, time and
our dried berries. It is very digestible and an ancient home remedy. The good
Droplets are delicious when consumed in small quantities and aids digestion.

The productivity of the berries is unbeatable. If you buy a small handful, they'll flavor a lot
your food extremely intense. Small amounts are sufficient, use sparingly! Treat your
Dishes the resinous and wonderfully sweet sound of our juniper berries.

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