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Herbs de Provence

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You surely know Provence with its dreamy landscape and blue blooming lavender fields. With this southern French region you are sure to combine nature, culture, amour and the great aromas of the herbs of Provence, which are extremely popular in French cuisine. It is a colorful mixture of different culinary herbs. Actually, this was even invented for tourists and is not known in Provence itself. In addition, the composition varies greatly. Rosemary, oregano, savory and thyme can be found in most blends. In the areas known for their lavender, lavender flowers are often added. Then bay leaves, sage, basil, juniper, fennel, lovage and chervil are added.

Create your own trip to the French Provence and enjoy a colorful mix of spices with your meal. Such a trip always works and doesn't even cost that much. That's why we show you the right thing for all dishes that should get a touch of Provence. Our Provence herbs go well with all other Mediterranean dishes. Enjoy it with rabbit or hare, game or the absolute classic of French cuisine, coque au vin. In meat or fish dishes, the herbs can be spread on the meat. Olive oil with salt and pepper are particularly good.

So that the herbs can fully develop their taste, it is best to cook them longer with your dish. The mixture refines stews and soups and it gives all vegetable dishes with zucchini, potatoes, aubergines and tomatoes a unique Mediterranean touch. Not to forget the French classic ratatouille, for which the herbs of Provence are particularly suitable. The fine herbal mixture also refines herbal quark, herb butter or pestos as well as fried or baked potatoes. Marinades or herbal oils also get a Mediterranean touch with herbs from Provence.

✔ Pure natural products

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✔ 100% gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan

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✔ Without preservatives

✔ Free from trickling aids

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✔ Fresh aroma

✔ Sustainable containers

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Ute Reiswich -

    The herbs have a very cool aroma and were packed very nicely

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