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Green Malabar - Tiger Pepper

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Malabar, on the Indian coast, is considered to be the origin of real pepper. The green Malabar pepper also has its origin there. But what are the differences between different colored peppers? One would like to believe that they are different species, but in reality they all come from the same shrub, Piper nigrum. The time of harvest and the subsequent treatment are the only factors that determine the color, taste, sharpness and the associated possibilities of use.

Green malabar pepper - its characteristic properties

The green pepper is not only nice to look at, but also impresses with its mild and pleasant spiciness, which goes well with a variety of dishes. In order to obtain green pepper, there are several important steps involved in harvesting and processing that must be done in quick succession. Malabar pepper has its green color because it is harvested when it is immature. If you were to pack it directly, it would lose its color and spoil. To prevent this from happening, put the pepper you just picked in salted water immediately and then boil it briefly. In a final step, the liquid is removed from the green pepper through a gentle drying process, so that the mild peppery taste and the bright green color are retained.

The uses of the green Malabar pepper

The green pepper is a must in traditional pepper sauce and even shows its strengths in sweets. It is not the spiciness that is dominant, but the entire aroma of the real pepper emerges. Fresh fruits with green Malabar pepper are a good tip.

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  • Green Malabar - Tiger Pepper

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