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Ground ginger

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Originally from Asia, ginger - botanically "Zingiber officinale" - was already extremely popular with the ancient Greeks as an uncomplicated piquant. No wonder, because the great tuber was cheap, its heat was easy to dose and the use in the kitchen was extremely versatile. In addition, it was good for the body with all kinds of sensitivities. That made ginger a unique superfood even then.

The optically inconspicuous bulb only reveals its intense sharpness in the delicate yellow interior. A bite of a piece of fresh ginger quickly shows its burning pungent effect. The sharpness can not only irritate the tongue, mouth and nasal mucous membrane, but also quickly flood the entire body with a pleasant feeling of warmth. The body's heat receptors are activated by the hot substances in ginger. The magic word is "Gingerol". As a bioactive plant substance, this essential oil is responsible for the intense sensation of sharpness.

When pepper was scarce in Europe in the Middle Ages, ginger tuber became a perfect alternative to seasoning. In the last decades the ginger root has experienced a renaissance in Germany's kitchens. As a spice, ginger is hard to beat. Whether mildly spicy with a light lemon note or intensely burning hot, very different warm and cold creations can be prepared. The spiciness of the tuber can become a little less intense when it is boiled, roasted or baked with other foods. Curry dishes and Asian dishes in particular are very harmoniously refined by adding ginger as a fresh bulb, pressed juice or dried spices.

But the super tuber can do even more. In traditional Chinese medicine, ginger has been used as a root vegetable or root spice for thousands of years. Its beneficial properties for the body are particularly valued in this country in hot and cold beverages.

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  • Ginger - the versatile piquant

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