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Dill tips - rubbed

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Dill originally comes from Southeast Asia, from where it spread further to southern and then western Europe. Today it is grown in most of the monastery gardens as a medicinal and aromatic herb.

Dill belongs to the umbelliferae and is related to caraway and fennel. Dill is best harvested in summer, when it can be found in many supermarkets alongside pickled cucumbers. The tips of the dill plants have a fresh taste and are particularly suitable as a flavoring agent when pickling cucumbers, which is why the spice is also known as "cucumber herb".

Dill tips are particularly suitable for refining light sauces, tartar sauce, mayonnaise, but also poultry or veal ragout. You can use dill sauce with salmon, pikeperch or fried fish. It is also suitable for beef, eggs and potatoes.

A particular specialty are dill potatoes, which go perfectly with fried fish, sausages or venison. Dill tips are also often used for potato salads or if you are looking for a spice for beans, you can use dill. Just take some sour cream and quark, seasoned with a pinch of salt and a little pepper, and you can quickly create a great-tasting dip. Or you can refine a herb sauce with dill tips.

If you want to preserve the slightly sweet, fresh aroma of dill, you should only add the tips at the very end of the cooking process. Then the spice convinces with its subtle and fresh taste as well as an appealing look.

But dill can do a lot more. It is an herbaceous plant that was used by the ancient peoples for food and complaints. Gladiators are said to have rubbed themselves with dill oil, which relieved pain and had a healing effect. It is also mentioned in herbal books of the Middle Ages, where it was used against many ailments. Externally it was used to heal wounds and treat tumors. Even with gastrointestinal complaints, such as gas, bloating or diarrhea, dill is said to have been used.

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