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Chipotle Chilli - Flor de Sal

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Noble smoke and sharp fire: The 7peppas

Chipotle chilli sea salt mix

A high valley near the Rio Papaloapan in the Mexican state of Veracruz. Call children chipi-chipi. They mean the drizzling rain that sets in: cold and dry mountain air mixes with warm and humid sea breezes. The perfect climate for one legendary chilli variety.

The small white flowers look inconspicuous. But in less than three months the bushes bear their coveted fruits: the jalapeno. Harvested by hand: the approximately seven centimeters long chilli fruits with a rounded tip. Then you see the thin columns of smoke. The aromatic meqsquite wood and the jalapenos are brought to glow in earth pits carefully smoked. People have been doing this here for more than 5,000 years. And the smoky transformation is enormous.

The chillies now look like dried dates. The skin is wrinkled, the color dark red to shiny black. Before smoking, the heat was around 1,000 points on the Skoville scale. After that it is up to 10,000. The name is also no longer the same. The Aztecs used the word pochilli (smoked chilli) - the modern Mexicans made it from it Chipotle.

This taste journey is aromatically documented in the chipotle salt mixture. Hand-picked chipotle, ground and optimally mixed with fine table salt. Due to the gently conserving nature of the salt, the aromas stay awake and intense for a long time. If you are careful with this fiery-smoky Salt mixture: try it with a scrambled egg or put a pinch on the sliced tomato. Your tongue immediately recognizes which taste doors are opening.

Every dish that normally has to be content with salt and pepper gets one with the chipotle salt mixture new upbeat direction. It goes well with hearty sea fish, as well as with vegetarian bean stew or grill steak à la mexicana. On a rainy Sunday lunchtime you sprinkle something on the hot vegetable soup and hear the children call: chipi-chipi ...

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