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Chili Lemon - sea salt

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Exotic salt mixtures are now really trendy. They not only combine different spices with each other so that seasoning is easier for the layperson, but they also offer a special taste experience. The combination of chilli and lemon in particular is considered very exotic.

The salt mixture of chilli and lemon is a very special seasoning trend. Part of the spice is extracted from the leaves of the lemon tree from Northern Australia. The leaves have an intense lemon-like taste due to the tropical climate. The lemon myrtle, as the leaves are also called, have their tradition among the Aborigines.

There is also a spicy, hot chilli variety from Mexico. The variety has an intense taste. It is harvested after ripening and then dried. Only then is it ground. However, chili is not a condiment for everyone. The intense flavor brings a slight spiciness to every dish.

The combination of chilli and lemon creates a versatile salt mixture that goes very well with fish and chicken dishes. Alternatively, the salt mixture can also be used to prepare a spicy marinade for grilled dishes. Together with a little oil it can also be used to make a dressing for an aromatic salad. Even a simple mayonnaise can be quickly transformed into a special dip for various dishes.

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✔ 100% gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan

✔ Without flavor enhancers

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✔ Fresh aroma

✔ Sustainable containers

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Dieter Büschel -

    Really great taste.

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