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Chervil rubbed

5g / 25g (NFB)
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The fragrant chervil grows as a plant genus in Europe, Asia and Africa. There are between 9 to 15 species in these regions.

Chervil belongs to the umbelliferae family and is scientifically known as Anthriscus. In the kitchen, however, it is more commonly referred to as a culinary herb and is widely used. Its taste is mild and reminiscent of anise, dill and a bit of tarragon. The cook mainly uses the raw and fresh leaves to add spices.

Veal, poultry and fresh dishes benefit from this in particular. Even fresh vegetables, potatoes and eggs get a special flavor note with chervil.

The real chervil or the garden chervil (Anthriscus cerefolium) stands out most here. The real chervil belongs in every tasty soup.

In addition to eating raw, the cook can also use meadow chervil (Anthriscus sylvestris). Incidentally, this blooms very beautifully and noticeably and should already catch the eye of every hiker on the said meadows as a herald of spring. In addition to the said leaves, tap roots of the Anthriscus sylvestris and possibly also Anthriscus cerefolium should also be on the menu.

Here, however, the previous cooking of the same is indicated before they are consumed.

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  • Chervil rubbed

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