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Cayenne pepper - ground chilies

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In tupi - the language of the indigenous people of Amazonia - the name means hot pepper. Archaeologists found evidence that humans have been cultivating and using the reverently called devil's pepper for 7,000 years.

It is the chilli plant called Cayenne - botanically speaking, not pepper, but belongs to the genus of paprika plants. However, while sweet peppers are hot on the Scoville scale of 10 points, cayenne pepper is in the 50,000 range.

Kitchen professionals know: The addition of powder from dried and ground cayenne chillies can be a tingling enrichment; but in the event of an overdose it will kill the taste. Culinary artists approach the right dose with respectful caution: a small pinch - mix - try - maybe a little more?

The piquant spicy can be found in kitchens all over the world. Mexican chili con carne gets the decisive pep just like German fried potatoes with egg and bacon. With cayenne powder, low-flavor vegetables develop unexpected nuances on the tongue. Chinese soups go well with cayenne pepper and vegetarian dishes from South India. Cayenne even has a fantastic liaison with the cocoa plant. Black chocolate with the all-round spice has been a sales success for years.

Cayenne contains more vitamin C than oranges. Potassium, magnesium vitamins B6, A, E are also abundant. Painful plasters with a deep effect use the warming effect. The hot yellow or red fruit has many talents.

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    Bill Gaves -

    Finally a fiery cayenne pepper again - you have been a great 7Peppas !!!

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