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Ground cardamom

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The taste of the Arabian Nights: cardamom

"I don't know - cardamom". Have you never eaten gingerbread or speculoos? The typical taste of winter pastries is shaped by this mysterious spice from the ginger family.

Like the collection of oriental stories, the cardamom also originally comes from India. The fruits and seeds have been used in medicine and cuisine there for at least 4,500 years. The name comes from one of the South Indian idioms: kárdamash. That means dirt or earth - a reference to the plant itself. Because the flowers grow on a ground shoot that the bush produces after a few years. The small flowers turn into green capsules, which contain the seeds, these fantastic taste bombs. In addition to the green cardamom, there is a black, not so rich variety. It is mainly grown in Sri Lanka and rarely used in Europe.

Cardamom farmers need ancient knowledge and a lot of experience. Harvesting and processing are laborious and time-consuming. This is why cardamom is one of the five most expensive spices. But the investment is worth it: The smallest pinches are enough to conjure up an exotic tickle unparalleled on the tongue. Sweet spiciness with notes of citrus fruits and fresh pepper combine with resinous smoke aromas. A festival for the taste buds.

Culinary artists also call the kitchen perfume cardamom. Meat dishes of all kinds get a special kick, as do desserts or fruit salads. Whether in liqueurs, in Finnish pulla pastries, in German Christmas mulled wine or in Thai Krawan rice dishes: green cardamom everywhere! The mega-spice celebrates one of the most beautiful weddings in Arabic mocha. Together with the ground coffee, the seductive blend of aroma and taste is created, which Scheherazade used to keep himself and the king awake.

Don't wait until next December to give your tongue the taste of cardamom.

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  • Ground cardamom

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Ruth Meier -

    The taste reminds a little of eucalyptus ...
    A little tip: the intense smell counteracts a garlic plume 😉

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